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So Why Work With Us?

As real estate professionals and homeowners ourselves, we truly understand all the trials and tribulations homeowners go through when they’re looking to sell their homes. It can become quite overwhelming, stressful and expensive!

As a homeowner, you’re not only paying the real estate agent you work with their 3-4% commissions, but on top of that, you’re also paying the buyer’s commission. That can be another 3-4% for a total of 6-8%!

That means, on a $100,000 home, you can be paying up to $8,000 just in commissions to two real estate agents!

Not to mention that your property needs to be pristine condition in order to attract top dollar. If your home needs heavy repairs or is in poor condition, your property won’t attract interested buyers and may sit on the market for months on end costing you precious time and money!

So Home Sweet Home Offers is here to help homeowners avoid all that hassle and stress.

Selling to Home Sweet Home vs Listing with an Agent

Home sweet home offers

Traditional home sale




Repair costs



Closing costs



Showing and open houses



Average days to close



Certainty of close



Appraisal Needed


Yes, by buyers lender

What makes us different is our fully transparent and no-bs approach when working with homeowners. We also provide homeowners with multiple options when it comes to selling their home. It’s not simply just a cash offer that you can accept or reject. We actually provide you with various scenarios and try our best to create a solution that works for everyone. See how it works here.

And on that note, we’ll be the first to tell you that we’re not for everyone!

If your home is in pristine condition, you have the time, and you want maximum dollar, we would recommend you work with a Realtor. They’ll be able to market your home and attract the highest offer possible. If that describes you, we can recommend some awesome Realtors we work with on a regular basis. We specialize in working with buyers that usually fall into one of these categories:

Outdated property that needs renovations

Damaged property from natural disaster

Inherited property that you are looking to sell

Hoarder homes that need deep cleaning

Financial distress like foreclosure or medical bills

Maintain privacy and avoid listing on MLS

Problematic rental or vacant property

Unexpected life events like divorce or death

Selling to Home Sweet Home vs
"We Buy Houses" Investors

If you’ve decided not to list with an agent, we understand that there are still a lot of options to choose between ‘We Buy Houses” investors. If you thought there were a lot of licensed agents, a quick search for these types of buyers will show a mind-blowing of them! Just like differentiating between agents, “We Buy Houses” investors are not created equal.

Home sweet home offers

Selling to house buyers

100% Cash Offer


Often need their "cash" lender to approve

Closings costs

NONE, we cover ALL costs

Varies, may pass on some costs to Seller


One, just us

Often will come back for multiple "looks" and inspections

Tenant Responsibility

We will take on tenant if needed

Usually will never take on a tenant

Fast Closing

You pick the date

Will say you need to close right away or have to wait for their "cash" lender approval

Get Free Cash Offer

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