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We want you to feel 100% comfortable working with us. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions from our past clients so you know exactly how everything works from A to Z. We’re 100% transparent and straightforward! If you don’t see a question on this list, feel free to contact us for any further answers!

None! No commissions, no closing costs, and no hidden fees. Whatever offer we provide you is what you can expect to receive in your bank account. You can then use those funds for whatever you choose to, it’s all yours!

We work with an extensive network of private investors that help fund our deals. By also eliminating “middlemen” like lenders, banks, and real estate agents, we’re able to offer more competitive cash offers.

Selling your home through a real estate agent may be the better option for you, but it really depends on your situation and your goals. Going through a real estate agent will cost more money and time and may yield a slightly higher sales price. Typically, you’re looking a 6-7% commission on the home price and anywhere from a 30-60+ day period to close. Not to mention cleaning the home, negotiating with buyers, home showings, and open houses. Again, listing your home with a real estate agent may be the better option for you if you can afford the time and cost. If you do choose to list with a real estate agent, one of our licensed Realtors will be happy to walk you through the process and help list your home. We’re here to provide you with as many options as possible.

You can read our in-depth [How It Works] page to find out all the details!

  1. A team member will reach out to you about your house. We’ll ask a few basic questions and learn more about you – your situation, your timeline, and your goals. We want to know how to best serve you.
  2. Schedule an in-person walkthrough of your home. Someone from our team will visit your home and assess the condition of the home. They’ll take pictures and videos and determine what repairs would be needed.
  3. We will answer any questions you may have and within a few hours, submit a free, no obligation cash offer for your home.

Usually there will only be one person at your home. If there is a unique situation or repair needed, we may ask you for permission to bring a contractor if you are comfortable with that. We value your privacy and try to limit the number of people in your home as much as possible.

Absolutely not! All of our offers are 100% free for you. Should you decide to sell your home to us, we’ll cover all of the closing costs, escrow fees, city transfer fees and other miscellaneous charges. What we offer you is what you can expect to take home so you have nothing to lose!

We aim to submit a cash offer with 24-48 hours after you submit your contact info with us, but depends on how soon we can get in touch with you and do a walkthrough of your home. Once we’re able to either do a physical walkthrough of your home or get access to photos/videos of your home, we usually submit an offer with 2-3 hours after the appointment.

That all depends on when you want! We work on your timeline. We can close as quickly as 10-14 days if you’re in a rush or a couple of months if you need the extra time to get your things in order. We can work with your schedule so that your transition to a new chapter is as smooth as possible!

While there are other reputable home buying companies, there are just as many “fly-by-night” companies looking to take advantage of homeowners in sticky situations using deceptive tactics and tricks. We’re not like that. We value transparency, honesty, and always strive for a win-win situation with all of our clients. That is why we’re fully transparent about our process upfront. We don’t “switch and bait” like other companies do. The reputation we’ve built is simply not worth risking for a deal. We also get a lot of business from word of mouth and great referrals so we always strive to provide homeowners with the absolute best solution and a great experience working with us!

Nope! We buy your house AS-IS. You can leave the cleaning all to us. This is one of the big advantages of working with us versus a traditional real estate agent. You can even leave all your unwanted items when you move! We’ll go through each item and donate the ones that can be given a second life. We donate to local charities, church groups, homeless shelters and others in need. Our goal is to make your transition as easy as possible so we’ll do all the heavy lifting and cleaning. Moving out is already a big enough burden, you don’t need to worry leaving the house in tip top shape.

Absolutely! We specialize in homes in need of some love and care! Our passion is to fix and renovate homes so a new family can move in and start that chapter of their lives. It may seem like a big and expensive headache for you, but it gives us an opportunity to give the next family the home of their dreams.  

Of course! If you’re a frustrated landlord dealing with a bad tenant, we would love the opportunity to see how we can solve the problem for you. Our goal is to come up with a solution where all three parties can walk away with a win so we can all move onto bigger and better things! 

We purchase all over the greater Cleveland area. That includes Downtown, Euclid, Buckeye-Shaker, Brookyln Centre, Broadway-Slavic Village, Clark-Fulton, Cuddell, Detriot-Shoreway, Edgewater, Fairfax, Glenville, Old Brooklyn, Ohio City, Tremont, Union-Miles, and West Blvd.

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